Environment-Friendly Accommodation Enterprises (Green Star)


The Ministry of Culture and Tourism is published "Announcement Issuing Environmental-Friendly Accommodation Facility Certificate to Accommodation Facilities with Tourism Management Certificate" in 2008 and implemented the "Green Star" project by evaluating sustainable tourism practices in different parts of the world and the conditions of Turkey.

The "Green Star" application aims to "protect the environment, improve environmental awareness, encourage environmental-friendly construction and management features in tourist accommodation facilities.

Green Star Certificate is given to the accommodation facilities certified by the Ministry, if they comply with the determined criteria. The stars in the Tourism Management Certificates are shown in green and an environmental label is given on the plaques, on which the phrase environmental-friendly facility is written.

Why is the Green Star Certificate Important?

  • Saving water
  • Ensuring efficient use of natural resources
  • Increasing energy efficiency
  • Decreasing the consumption of environmentally harmful substances and the amount of waste
  • Encouraging the use of renewable energy sources and recycled materials
  • To ensure that accommodation enterprises plan in an environmental-friendly manner from the investment stage
  • Protecting the environment with an inclusive approach
  • Developing environmental awareness and to be preferred by people have this awareness
  • Reducing medium-term costs
  • Raising awareness of facility employees
  • Ensuring for efficient usage of labor force
  • To benefit from the Electricity Support provided by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism

It is important to achieve a sustainable competitive advantage and above all, to leave a “Green Legacy” to our children!

Who Can Get the Green Star Certificate?

Facilities that have received a Tourism Operation Certificate from the Ministry of Culture and Tourism can obtain a "Green Star Certificate" if they meet the necessary criteria.

As ULUS ÇEVRE, studies within the scope of green star service:

  1. Application petition,
  2. Reports containing the environmental policy and action plan of the enterprise and the activities carried out in line with this plan,
  3. Environmental-friendly waste water plan and a letter from the relevant administrative unit,
  4. Studies on reports that all equipment is maintained and repaired regularly,
  5. Monthly, quarterly and annual reports on how the enterprise uses and monitors data on energy consumption for water, heating and cooling, electricity consumption and general energy consumption (energy consumption per m² of indoor space or energy consumption per night),
  6. Monthly, quarterly and annual reports on the control of the chemicals used in the enterprise (by volume or weight) and the collection of data (energy consumption per m² of indoor space or energy consumption per night),
  7. Monthly, quarterly and annual reports on the amount of waste generated in the facility (by volume or weight) and data collection (energy consumption per m² of indoor space or energy consumption per night),
  8. The manufacturer's invoice, report, promotional brochure, the invoice, report of the maintenance company, the letter of the relevant institutions and organizations, the report of the relevant professional organization regarding that the materials used in the facility are environmentally friendly.Also, the maintenance is carried out regularly and the environmental-friendly works carried out in the facility.
  9. Applications are made to the Ministry with the preparation and/or supply of documents related to cooperation and coordination activities with non-governmental organizations, relevant institutions and organizations on environmental awareness.